58 x 64 inches
144 x 163 cm
oil on canvas

(from the Oasis series)

Oasis evolved out of my earlier series Summertime. The paintings of Oasis shift attention away from the figure, allowing the figure to be subsumed in a highly abstracted and gestural landscape. I try to capture the ever-present sense of shifting time and space that the uneven light and evasive natural forms of moving trees, water and undergrowth can evoke. This landscape has become increasingly rare and its beauty seems fraught with undertones of anxiety at the prospect of its loss. The landscapes of Oasis are not, like the landscapes painted by early American painters, timeless and untouchable, but rather, something painfully fragile which we move through, like the ghosts of our own past—like children at play, unaware of our serious futures, yet filled with a prescient sense of imminence.