Waters no. 34

40 x 86 inches (101.6 x 218.44 cm)
oil on terraskin
catalogue #13T06,07,08

(from the Waters series)

Artist's Statement: Throughout my career I have maintained a practice of working from nature for a period of weeks or months each year. My studio practice is focused on narrative figure painting— building interrelated thematic interiors. The work I create outdoors is an escape from my urban existence as well as a way to refresh specific mark making that results from painting from direct observation.

My work from nature began to take prominence over the studio narrative in my series, Summertime. The paintings in Oasis and Forest have continued to give voice to landscape as a primary subject.

Waters is a series that developed its own artistic trajectory as I embraced the challenge of working from nature on Terraskin, a stone based paper that demands its own technique and carries its own potentials. Using the white of the paper these works have a lightness that sets them apart from pervious work.is a series I am painting aside from, but in tandem with my other narrative series. It explores the Romantic movement's communion with nature and history through the rhapsodic description of landscape at the turn of the last century. The quick expresive brushstroke attempts to sktech in that intense desire to find a common place of philosophical contemplation between earth and air, where the demands of the flesh and the desire for spirituality meet in an indefinable sense of melancholic ecstacy. The occasional appearance of children's features refrences the symmetry of pubescence to this particular state of mind in nature where intellect is often able to reach past inexperience to a place of intuitive understanding.